Virus Filtration Controller

Virus Filtration System Catalog Numbers

Catalog numbers Description
VFC008 Virus filtration controller, SS
VFC103 0.3 m² filter holder
VFC110 1.0 m² filter holder
VFC303 0.3 m² hose kit
VFC310 1.0 m² hose kit
VFC340 4.0 m² hose kit
VFC510 Pre-filter, 10” Code 7 housing
VFC705 50 L feed tank with accessories
VFC710 100 L feed tank with accessories
VFC720 200 L feed tank with accessories
VFC112 Controller IQ/OQ package

Accessorize your Controller

Select the appropriate Planova™ filter mounting kit and host kit for your Controller. Optional pre-filter housings, feed tanks, and qualification packages are also available.

IQ/OQ packages for the Controller are available to support cGMP manufacturing, as are various complementary feed tank sizes.

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