Planova™ BioEX

Material specifications

Planova™ BioEX Filter Material Specifications

Effective surface area(m²) 4.0 1.0 0.1 0.01 0.001 0.0003
Component Hollow fiber membrane Hydrophilic modified polyvinylidene fluoride
Housing and headers Polycarbonate
Locknuts Polycarbonate -*2
Sealant Polyurethane
O-rings Silicone
Balloon caps Silicone -
Nozzle plugs Silicone -
Nozzle stoppers - Silicone -
Gaskets*3 Silicone -
Ferrule caps Polycarbonate -
Balloon cap holders Polycarbonate -
Clamp bands Polysulfone -
Threaded Clamps Clamp bolts - Polypropylene -
Clamp nuts - Polypropylene -
Luer lock plugs - Polypropylene
Nozzle caps - Silicone
Supplied as Filled with purifled water
Sterilization method Autoclaving
Packaging format Packed individually in sterilization bags

*2 Not applicable

*3 Gaskets are used for connecting quick clamps to nozzles of Planova BioEX filters with effective surface area of 4.0,1.0 and 0.1m².

Sterilization requirements

Planova™ Filter Sterilization Requirements
Sterilization method Autoclave
Release method Parametric release
Packaging format Packaged individually in a sterilization bag
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