Planova™ 15N, 20N & 35N

Material specifications

Planova™ 15N, 20N, 35N and 75N Filter Material Specifications
Effective surface area(m²) 4.0 1.0 0.3 0.12 0.01 0.001
Hollow fiber membrane Cuprammonium regenerated cellulose
Housing and headers Polycarbonate
Sealant Polyurethane
O-rings Silicone
Nozzle plugs Silicone -*5
Nozzle caps*6 - Silicone
Ferrule caps Polycarbonate -
Balloon cap holders Polycarbonate -
Gaskets*7 Silicone -
Balloon caps Silicone -
Nozzle stoppers - Silicone -
Clamp bands Polysulfone -
Threaded clamps Clamp bolts - Polypropylene -
Clamp nuts - Polypropylene -
Pin bands - SUS304 -
Supplied as*8 Filled with purified water
Sterilization method Autoclaving
Packaging format Packed individually in sterilization bags


Not applicable


Two additional nozzle caps (for outlet nozzles) are provided with filters with effective surface area of 0.3 or 0.12 m² for use as replacements for balloon caps before filter use.


Gaskets are used for connecting quick clamps to nozzles of Planova filters with effective surface area of 4.0 and 1.0 m².


Purified water in 4.0 m2 Planova filter contains < 0.1% NaCl.

Sterilization requirements

Planova™ Filter Sterilization Requirements
Sterilization method Autoclave
Release method Parametric release
Packaging format Packaged individually in a sterilization bag
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