Asahi Gold Particle Test System

AGPTS control unit specifications

Applicable filters Planova™ 15N 4.0 m²
Planova™ 15N 1.0 m²
Planova™ 20N 4.0 m²
Planova™ 20N 1.0 m²
Number of filters connected One filter
Bar code scanner For filter identification prior to use
Process connections Tri-Clamp® (external), Flaretek or Tri-Clamp (internal)
Piping MOC Smooth bore PFA tubing
Flowcell MOC PEEK
VIS wavelength range 190 – 720 nm
Wavelength accuracy ±0.5 nm
Absorbance accuracy ±0.015 AU
Noise <0.05 mAU
Drift ≤1.5 mAU/h
Pressure rating 0 to 3 barg
Temperature range 4 - 30 °C (validated range for GPT)
Flow method Pressurized tank by regulated air (tank supplied separately)
Utility requirement 120 VAC 1-phase 60 Hz or 230 VAC 1-phase 50 Hz, 5.5 barg instrument air, optionally 2.25 barg clean air
Electrical protection NEMA 4X, IP55
Instruments rating IP65
Dimensions 926 mm (36.5”) W × 940 mm (37”) D × 1600 mm (63”) H
Operator interface Local display with keyboard
Control software 21CFR Part 11 compliant
Certificates Certificates of Compliance, Material Certificates 2.1 per EN 10204
Documentation One print copy and one electronic copy provided
Qualification package Asahi package included CE Declaration of Conformity available

Tri-Clamp is a registered trademark of Ladish Company.

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