IBD™ Custom Solutions

Customized IBD™ Systems offer additional flexibility based on process or facility requirements

To streamline operations and improve performance, IBD™ Systems offer:

  • Flow rates in the range of 100 - 15,000 L/h
  • Multiple dilution ranges: 2×, 5×, 10×, 20×
  • Patented Adaptive PAT™ feedback control for conductivity and pH, or alternatively mass flow
  • Temperature control and SIP options

Flow Diagram

Flow Diagram Image

Interested in different construction or control options? Our high-quality IBD™ Systems:

  • Protect against WFI break tank and buffer surges
  • Can be made from electropolished 316L stainless steel or polymeric AL6XN, and/or Hastelloy materials of construction
  • Are compatible with Allen-Bradley, DeltaV, and Siemens control systems
  • Are available with GAMP lifecycle documentation and IQ/OQ documentation

Process Control Screen

Process Control Screen Image
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