IBD™ 1K System

Debottleneck downstream processing facilities and accelerate continuous processing with the new IBD™ 1K System

Featuring a compact 26” × 48” footprint equipped to produce flow rates of 60 – 1000 L/h, the IBD™ 1K System sets a new standard for just-in-time-production and reflects the next step in the evolution of the patented, award-winning buffer blending technology. Now you can produce dilute buffers on-demand from up to 20× concentrates with the ability to control pH and conductivity simultaneously to streamline your downstream process.

  • ・Leverage IBD™ 1K’s installation flexibility across pilot, clinical and commercial-scale manufacturing areas
  • ・Maintain consistency in buffer quality via PAT™ and advanced, high-speed blending technology
  • ・Maximize usage of existing buffer tanks, or further your deployment of disposable bags
  • ・Alleviate the need to “store water” and reduce QC and cleaning costs
  • ・Small footprint accommodates most facilities
IBD™ 1K System Image
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