IBD™ 1K System

Debottleneck downstream processing

Traditional Downstream Process

Batch-mode buffer preparation creates numerous challenges in the downstream process:

  • Limited floor space available for large, inflexible tanks
  • QC hold points after manual buffer preparation add time to the process
  • Frequent tank cleaning steps add time and cost to the process
Traditional Downstream Process Image

Downstream Process with IBD™ 1K System

With the IBD™ 1K System, you can leverage a pre-engineered, flexible unit to significantly streamline your downstream process:

  • Reduce turnaround time with just-in-time buffer production
  • Reduce tank cleaning costs by leveraging disposable bags
  • Obviate the need for larger buffer tanks in the facility
  • Improve buffer quality via PAT, leading to more consistent or even higher product recoveries
Downstream Process with IBD™ 1K System Image
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