The Third Announcement of the 20th Planova™ Workshop on Novemeber 9 and 10, 2017



We are pleased to announce that the 20th Planova™ Workshop will take place in Prague, Czech Republic on the following dates:

The 20th Planova™ Workshop
November 9 and 10, 2017
Intercontinental Hotel Prague
Prague, Czech Republic

Distinguished users of Planova™ and Planova™ BioEX filters will share their experiences and expertise in upstream and downstream process development. It will be an excellent opportunity to gain insights and to learn advanced techniques that can be applied to your processes.

Now, you can find the third announcement below. From this third announcement, you can find name of presenters and titles of each presentation. Please contact us for registration for the 20th Planova Workshop via this website. We would be honored if you could attend this workshop and be our guest in Prague.

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